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CoverGirl is an American cosmetics brand founded in Maryland, United States, by the Noxzema Chemical Company. It was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1989 and later acquired by Coty, Inc. in 2016. The Noxell Company advertised this cosmetics line by allowing "cover girls", models, actresses, and singers who appear on the front cover of women's magazines, to wear its products. CoverGirl primarily provides a wide variety of consumer-grade cosmetics.

Heather Flanagan reached out to CoverGirl through Facebook and said: CoverGirl, your makeup sucks! Your mascara irritated my mom's eyes so bad! I've hated it since I've been wearing makeup, which is 13 years old and I am 32 now!

Another extremely unsatisfied CoverGirl customer wrote: I recently purchased Cover girl simple ageless foundation and concealer. After using for 2 days, my skin dried out horribly and is peeling around my eyes and nose. This looks and feels horrible. I have been covering my face several times a day with Vaseline to combat the dryness.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Barely any hours , you can have 25-30 hrs a week and be forced to work 5 days straight with 5hr days, management has favoritism on certain employees therefore you don’t get treated fairly unless you of course suck up . Its unfortunate that the turn over is so bad in this store of management really sat down and figured out ways to be fair then the company will be much better . Instead there’s way too much gossip no real structure and no real money or hours to be made here . I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Before I start I wanted to give this place a 0 That is the worst place to work ever! There were so many things wrong, so I’ll go down the list. 1) The amount of gossip was insane! It literally ran over the entire store into the sales floor 2) DO NOT let them fool you there are barely any customers in the store at all times. Even when they “claim” summer is there busiest months. Most of the day the store is DEAD! 3) I mention the low traffic because the goals that management/corporate puts in their employess is so asinine. Working in retail it isn’t alot, but when there are barely three customers on the floor and ten employees working the same shift. It can hectic and unbearable! How can a corporation expect these goals from employees when there is no one in the store! And the products being so low price. You can’t expect that it’s unreal and unfair! The employees were expendable 4) Management has NO real say so when it comes to rights of employees. For example they don’t fire us, the corporation that hired us can fire us. But they’re terminology was “contract has ended”. NO ONE in that place was full time, with exception to SM and ASM. You had to BEG to get sick days, no pto, and holiday pay sometimes took two weeks. The managing of that store was awful! Not every manger was awful, some were really sweet and wanted to help but can’t. Corporate had their hands literally tied, they no real authority. 5) The “turn-over” rate was ABSOLUTE BANANAS! People were quitting almost every two weeks or being “canceled”. The amount of complaints to management about the stores operations was driving people crazy 6) Lower managment (supervisor,key holders), most of them were garbage! They would literally talk and gossip about employees two feet away. And discuss private management info with everyone. Everyone knew everything! They are absolute horrible disgusting people. But one in particular was really nasty and rude. And this person is not older than most of the people there. They gossip to new employees about old ones in a highly negative way! That place is highschool! 7) The unfair goals they set, is a COMPLETE set up to get you fired. So when your making money, just not always hitting your ridiculous goal. That is a reason to be like “Why we gave then too much money (per hr) in the beginning. Let’s get them out, so I can hire someone at a cheap rate.”And its more frustrating when management pretends they don’t watch the cameras to see, that their is NO ONE to sell too. 8) There was ALOT of favoritism! To the point some many people would be looked over to oppurtunities, and given to the same people. And the overlooked person would ask many times about the oppurtunites. And the same person could be in the same job, no difference in title. 9) I have never worked at a place when the store and people gave someone a aniexty attack. You are SO scared to lsoe your job, that you’ll gain weight, lose hair and can’t sleep right. 10) There would be key holders yelling and cursing at other employees, and Sr management wouldn’t do anything about it! You had to work with someone who dragged your name through the mud. I say that to say that job is entirely too TOXIC! There is no way in the world you should be that stressed selling $6 lipsticks."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Look, the pay was okay but that place was heavy on the drama and light on the problem solving. Go for it if you got thick skin and like helping customers."

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